NDS Askersund Sverige                                             13.08.2022                                                                           Judge : Åke Crondander                                                                 Coton CPH´s Ocean Eleven                                                               EXC. CHK 1.CHKK CK 1BHK CERT NORD CERT  BIR                       Ocean became Swedish Champion. 

Ocean hadn't been in the ring for a year but walked right in showing off like he always has. He loves dog shows, and has so much fun !  

Coton CPH´s Uptown Girl                                                              EXC UK 1.UKK CK 1BTK CERT NORD CERT BIM                       Billie had so much fun at this show. She danced happily around the ring and proudly showed off.                                 As the judge said : she moves like a dream ! 


NDS Sandefjord                                                        17.06.2022                                                                       Judge : Mikael Nilsson                                                   Coton CPH´s Uptown Girl                                            EXC UK 1.UKK CK 1.BTK CACIB  BIM 

National Dogshow Vikersund                      16.04.2022                                                                    Judge: Gonzalbo Lorenzo, Maite                          Coton CPH´s Uptown Girl                                           EXC.JK 1.JKK CK CERT 1.BTK BIR

17.04.2022                                                        Judge: Antonio de Lorenzo                              Coton CPH´s Uptown Girl - Billie                                 EXC JK 1.JKK CK 1BTK BIR

NDS Kristiansand

Judge Carsten Birk

Coton CPH´s Uptown Girl aka Billie 
15 months. 
Exc.JK 1.JKK CK CERT 1.BTK Nordic Cert BIM

This was Billies first time in official class. And also her first time on a show alone, without her "brothers"  Despite the fact that she thought it was a bit scary, she did great. Afterwards she was tired and it was nice to get a good rest at the hotel.  We had a great weekend together with friends and dogs.